Machine data is a digital treasure
Machines generate data and information that is becoming increasingly valuable in the age of industry 4.0. Extracting the raw material data from the depths of the machines and then refining it into useful information is an important value creation process.
Today, wind turbines are used in almost all climatic conditions. A plant must be designed according to the environmental conditions at the site. Particularly at extremely low temperatures, there are no uniform requirements with regard to design and certification.
For more than 15 years the article series IT and Automation has been running with great success in the VDMA News.


Monthly Report of the VDMA Office Abroad
Report of the VDMA Foreign Office
Each week, information from international press releases on investment plans, relocations, fusions, joint ventures and market studies in the automotive industry and its suppliers is summarized in key points.
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Isabell Reul
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Sectoral surveys and statistics
With the order entry and turnover statistics of the trade association, the VDMA offers an exclusive service to the reporting member companies from the electrical automation sector: Incoming orders and sales are recorded monthly and processed into indices.